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2020 Wrap up Blog

This is the last blog of the year where I would normally provide a recap of all the trade shows, networking events, travels, and other things I am thankful for doing throughout the year. Being thankful is proving to be challenging to say the least.

Where I would thank my family for their support as I chase my dreams and travel to teach nail professionals near and far, this year I thank them for the patience they show as I struggle with the transition of travel to virtual.

Where I would be thankful for seeing all of my industry friends and family at events throughout the year, I am hopeful that you are surviving. I hope that you are finding a way to stay afloat and thrive in the isolation, evolving as you need to and staying healthy.

Gathering with other pros at ABS Chicago in years past.
Gathering with other pros at ABS Chicago in years past.

I have been so thankful for my elite clientele that has weathered the storm with me. We mask together and enjoy the benefits of my Aerovex to keep us further comfortable in the salon. After the mandatory quarantine, it was like coming home again to see their eyes and hold their hands.

Thank you to Virox/Rejuvenate Disinfectants for giving me a clean to believe in. Knowing that I can use a high level disinfectant, offer a safe space to my clients, and share with fellow professionals, all while having great backup means a great deal to me. The professionalism and maintained standard of quality throughout the pandemic has only served to elevate my opinion of you.

Thank you to Famous Names for allowing me to join the family, a company in business for ten years that is focused on the quality of the products offered not the quantity, products that I love and trust the more I learn about and use them. It feels good to be grounded in science and the needs of the nail professional.

Thank you Reader! In all the transitions from staying home, to hosting the blog on my own, to chasing ethics, and so much more in 2020, the consistency has been you. My plan is to continue to be here for you in 2021, to continue to advocate for the everyday nail professional with all that I have and all that I am. To provide you with unbiased education, to send you love and best wishes for success and prosperity in all you do. Remember YOUR time has VALUE.

Happy New Year my industry friends xo

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