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FingerNailFixer Virtual Classroom

With education being so much harder to access I have been working hard to create opportunity to bring you non-branded education that should, in theory, meet the qualifications for continuing education in most states. If your state is allowing online hours due to COVID, look at the Chapters in your law to see what the specifics of the requirements are. The FingerNailFixer Virtual Classroom is a Live Webinar experience designed to give you the opportunity to earn continuing education hours in states that allow online learning. These two hour education segments are meant to be easy to fit into your day, mix and match for the number of hours you need, and fit the nail information that you want to learn in the time you have to learn it.

I have a pdf available for each class available by request that contains an:

· Objective

· Format

· Content

· Educator Bio

For those that need a form like that to meet the state requirements for hours, instructions come in the registration email on how to request it. The classes will also have digital certificates that are emailed to attendees within a week of the end of the class.

The classes will be available globally, they are not limited to the US and those in need of hours. They are meant for that purpose, the information is there for all licensed or certified professionals or students that want to learn.

As I get the classes uploaded to Zoom and a registration link is completed they are created as Events on my Facebook page in addition to being available here on the website under the Education tab!

Please let me know in the comments below what type of content you would like to see and if the times of 9am, 12pm, and 3pm CST on Mondays are pretty good for most everyone as a variety!

When this post reaches 100 comments from separate, unique individuals, everyone that commented will be entered to win this nail trainer hand!

Nail Trainer Hand
Nail Trainer Hand

Nail Trainer Hand and extra practice tips
Nail Trainer Hand and extra practice tips

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