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Do You Know Your Demographic?

When you post pictures on Instagram, are you robotically taking photos of nails at the end of every appointment and scheduling them to post with the same background, the same pose and practically the same caption? Who are you speaking to and what message are you hoping they see?

Instagram is very visual so your photo needs to make someone want to read the caption which means it needs to appeal to the person you want to see it. If you are using social media as a tool to search for new clients, think about what types of things your ideal client is into and put a little thought into your posts. Take into account careers, hobbies, even something as simple as seasonal touches can be appealing. I am just as guilty as the next person of being in a hurry and using the table towel background hand on hand pose, especially now when everything has to be cleaned and my paper and cloth backgrounds can't be used.

Client "nailfie" while baling hay
Client "nailfie" while baling hay

Get your clients in on the gig. If you are usually on a time crunch, make the most out of your client's creativity and have photo incentives. If they submit "nailfies" that are in clear resolution with unique settings that can be used on your social media you will trade them 1 hand massage for every 10 photos, even create a point system where they can redeem photos taken for design upgrades or something similar!

Client "nailfie" after working in the field and on machinery
Client "nailfie" after working in the field and on machinery

Think about what other potential clients in your area would benefit from knowing about the nails in the photos. If you live in an industrial or farming community, mentioning that you have services that can hold up to a country girl is important. It also gives you the opportunity to have some fun, mentioning things like when you're done showing the boys how it's done in the field, use Dadi Scrub to exfoliate and Dadi Lotion to soften so your hands keep you feeling like a woman. Using examples of your retail items worked into their lifestyle adds a personal touch and some camaraderie.

If you are in an area that is more executive based and that is the type of client you want to draw in, ask your client's if you can use their handbags as props. Even if they are not "name brand", you can show pretty elements of the bag that look cool with the nails. Also make sure you have some classic looks posted now and then such as neutrals, creams, and french. You would be surprised how much attention a classic french manicure will get!

Start putting a little strategy into your social media and you will find it becomes a better tool when you get better at wielding it. Think of it like any of your other tools, you get better with knowledge and practice!

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