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Freaks, Raising Prices, and a New Release

Did you love the first release of Original FingerNailFixer® Freak gear? Wait what? Did she say Freak? You know I did and you should fly that Freak flag high, want to know why? Let's break it down together:

Freak- one that is markedly unusual or abnormal

Do you go above and beyond what your state or country requires for education?

Do you go above and beyond what your state or country requires for cleanliness?

Do you care about your clients' wellbeing and safety to the point that their natural nail is almost sacred ground?

Do you care more about quality products and services than the quantity of people you can shuffle through the door?

Then you my friend by definition are a Freak, and by following me have become a FingerNailFixer Freak! Welcome to this prestigious club of people that value education, science, nail care, cleanliness, and our clients.

Now that we have that out of the way let's talk about how valuable YOU are to your clients. They count on you to keep them safe and to help them feel better about themselves. This means they need you to make a good living so that you can afford to continue doing nails for years to come and not get burned out or go bankrupt, trying to keep up with increases in your product costs and overhead increases, that you keep trying to absorb by never raising your prices. YOUR time has VALUE! This means that if you do a little bit of art or you add a bit of a massage or you are indulging them in some glitter, it is an upgraded service that deserves an upgraded price. If you want to always include that as a gift then incorporate it into the base price of the service so that your time is compensated that way.

I'm not sure about the rest of you, I know my grocery bill has gotten painful. It is much more about choosing things that are on sale and making meals with what you can get versus buying what you want with the pricing of some things these days. Something like gloves that I have used in the salon for years have seen a price increase. This means come October, my prices need to go up at least that 3.7% cost of living increase if not a smidge more to compensate for all of the increases guessed it - cost of living. If you do a small increase each year it doesn't hurt you or your client as much because it's a small increment.

Let's take a look at a $40 service for easy figuring, 3.7% of $40 is only 1.48. So the new service price could be $41.50, that's not really a huge jump is it? I tend to skip two years and go up 7% at once so it would be 2.80 or $3 for easy math so $40 to $43 which is still not unreasonable.

Give it some thought, the beginning of October is not that far away and we can plan it out together. I will help you write emails and notes to post in the salon. We can do a live and talk about it if you like. Let me know in the comments below if you would like to do a live and discuss raising prices together.

Whew! After all that are you ready to see the newest design!!? I hope this helps remind you how much value you have every time you see it, your time has value always. I see you, and I see your value, xo.

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