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French Manicures for All

An enhancement is the ideal way to achieve a beautiful French manicure makeover on any nail type for any client. The roadblock to that goal can be that not all clients want to wear enhancements or have jobs or lifestyles that allow for enhancements. This means that sometimes, you are going to need to bust out your mad polishing skills and just do that French manicure with polish or gel polish on short, super short, or even bitten nails.

Bitten nails with French manicure.
Daughter of the bride wants to match mom.

Every client that comes to you has a nail dream, making that dream come true is usually a possibility if it is within reason. Here are some tips that will make a French manicure on short to bitten nails with polish or gel polish a reality for your clients:

  • Turn the base coat brush backwards and seal the edge of the nail (click here for a video). You can also do this with the pink and top coat if needed!

  • If you are using nail polish, apply the white first so you can touch up the smile line without damaging the pink. With gel polish you will be able to touch up the white with your alcohol without harming the cured pink.

  • Apply the white with a long detail brush or short striping brush to allow more control, less skin clean up, and a thinner line.

  • Use a slightly sparkly or shimmery pink to deflect the eye from imperfections in the surface or shape of the nail plate due to trauma, damage, or chewing.

  • Make the corners of the smile slightly deep to elongate the nail bed and compliment the nail even though it is short.

The French manicure is a classic look for many events and chances are good you have had it requested for short nails and will have it asked for again. These tips also work great for toes! Happy polishing!

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