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ISSE 2022 from the Nail Perspective

ISSE Long Beach is a great show to attend if you are not a local since it offers a lot of tourist opportunities like beach time, Hollywood fun, and food you may not be able to get at home. As a tradeshow, it could use a little beefing up to be more attractive from a nail professional standpoint.

After scouring the show floor multiple times there were not any nail specific booths to be found anywhere. I did find some implement booths that offered nippers and clippers amongst the tweezers and scissors though. There were also a plethora of booking and website building booths that could be considered for anyone as well. I put my name in at a couple of those to do some research for you and see what is available out there.

The only two nail classes offered were Jaime Schrabeck's class Saturday and my class Sunday.

There was a new site that sends beauty professionals products to review so that they get feedback from a pro point of view vs a consumer POV which I found quite interesting. I signed up for that one too and encouraged them to do more with nails.

You can find more photos on my Facebook of the entire SoCal adventure, above are some photo highlights of ISSE, including my class. Thank you to all those that took the time to come to my class, it had a great turn out and I am very appreciative that you came!

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