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Nail Business is Alive and in Demand

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

The pandemic has changed the landscape of the Hospitality industry, with restaurants, spas, and hotels shuttering to stay open, and with millions unemployed, the shift in the world can be felt. It's not all bad news however, one of the most searched phrases on Google has been “How to Open a Nail Salon”. I had a conversation with fellow nail tech Tarsha Johns, owner of Nail Candy 1122, in Baltimore, Maryland. After years, of working at various locations around Baltimore, Tarsha was ready to open her own nail salon. I had seen her journey first hand, as I met her when interviewing nails techs for ReNew Organic Day Spa, which I co-owned from 2006 - 2009. Tarsha and I have stayed in touch and I was so excited to see a post of her working in her location. Albeit with face shields and partitions, she was open for business, and let me tell you, business is booming. Nails services are in high demand and can continue, although altered since there can be separation. Plus, with facemasks being the norm, our lips are covered, but our hands are out. As a result, there has been a huge demand for nail services and polishes, while the usual recession/depression purchase of lipstick is down.

When I asked Tarsha how she was able to open and find the needed equipment in a time of short supplies, she noted a contact made at the Premiere Orlando beauty show last year. Tarsha has attended the show for years and commends the variety of products, education, and networking opportunities available to attendees. When I asked how she was able to increase business in uncertain times, Tarsha explained her passion comes across in her regular social media posts. In addition, she made the very wise decision to get a mentor in the industry, who is a source of guidance and insight especially now. It is so great to hear about her accomplishments in such challenging times. I wish Tarsha much success as she gears up for the holiday season. Let me know if there is a topic or location you would like to learn more about in the coming weeks and months.

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