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Please Welcome SpaSOS

I would like to welcome to the FingerNailFixer site a new blogger! You deserve to hear a voice other than mine and she has insights that are from another perspective in the industry. We met many years ago working through Red Lane Spas at Sandals and I have treasured and valued all of our interactions throughout the time since. Please welcome Sherrie Tennessee, Director of Education for SpaSOS.

Sherrie's specialty is business, she has even authored a book, How to Open a Day Spa:31 Day Guide. I hope you will find her blogs to be a valuable wealth of knowledge that increase your income, help you build your business, and are a great partner with the FingerNailFixer blogs to bring you content that keeps you informed and in touch with what you do. Our goal at the end of everyday is to help you the nail professional be successful!

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2 commentaires

Sherrie Tennessee
Sherrie Tennessee
10 sept. 2020


Thank you, happy to be here!


Welcome Sherrie!

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