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Ready for more Classes?

Attendees of the first quarter classes put in a few requests for class content in the second quarter and I have been busy creating them for you. In addition to the classes previously available you will now also find three new options available.

two photos of nails with nail art

Bonus – Scheduling Social Media

This class is for anyone that believes they are not artistic. If you have always wanted to offer nail designs and just feel like they are beyond your ability this class will put them within your reach and give you options to offer in the salon. Includes help with ombre, watercolor, animal print, and more! Once you have some designs in your repertoire, enjoy the bonus portion of class featuring ideas on scheduling your social media, figuring out how to maximize it, and where to learn when to post.

Bonus – Troubleshooting Gel Polish

This class is for anyone doing or learning gel enhancements that would like to delve into some of the things that go wrong and figure out why, then how to fix them. Attendees are encouraged to submit questions with registration as well as coming to class with questions as the class is dedicated to troubleshooting real salon issues. As a bonus we will touch on some troubleshooting for gel polish to conclude our time together.

Bonus – How to Schedule Posts in an App

This class is ready to hold your hand and walk you through watermarking your photos, smoothing out that giant knife wound on your client’s finger, how to post on your salon page without getting distracted by a news feed, and how to use hashtags to your best advantage. After getting you on solid social media ground, to make it even easier the bonus is how to sit down once a week and set up your posts for the whole week!

It will be great to have you in class this quarter no matter which class you choose, hope you enjoy the new selection, let me know your thoughts and if you have suggestions or requests!

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