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What's Your COVID-19 Gig?

The quarantine created a need for a lot of nail professionals to put their skills to use in another way to generate income. Some opted to use nail skills in new ways and some opted to go outside the industry. All of us have found that while the government deemed us non-essential our clients waited patiently to assure us what an important part of their lives we had become.

What has your “side hustle” in this COVID-19 world been and are you keeping it up post quarantine? One nail professional in Indiana put her extra glitter and creative eye to use making accessories for nail professionals. The resin palettes can be used as photo backgrounds or paint palettes, she also creates polish bottle key-chains, powder jars, ring cup holders, and more in most any color you can imagine using her excess glitter accumulated over the years. PinkLady Design on Facebook if you want to check out some sparkles for your own nail table!

Many professionals have turned to doing press on nails and selling them either direct or on places like Etsy to clients that couldn’t come in, and now to clients that aren’t quite ready to come back and maybe just want to wear something fun around the house for Zoom meetings. If you’re not familiar with the craze here is a pretty comprehensive video put together by Lauren Wireman from Wildflowers Nail Academy.

Personally I have been doing a few Swarovski projects, some custom face shields here and there, and looked into some remote administrative work to use my phone and computer skills on my non salon and video days. Right now it is about survival and dare I say it, survival with a smile. We are fighters, we fight to survive, and we want to do it with a smile and do it with character.

I feel that the wording non-essential got into a lot of people’s minds in a way that triggered some feelings that are hard to deal with. Let’s focus on surviving and putting our best foot forward (with cute toes of course). Let’s focus on letting our character show in a way that proves our industry is made of good, hardworking, honest, caring people that go the extra mile every day to take care of our clients without government interference. Be you, be proud to be you, take care of you, and remember your time has value, hang in there!

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