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Are You Raising Your Prices Soon?

October is traditionally the ideal time to raise prices in the salon, this year it seems a little different since the usual holiday parties and company soirees may not be happening, yet as Sherrie of SpaSOS mentioned in her blog - nails are the new lipstick! When people gesture on their Zoom meeting or go out in a mask, their nails are still on display. Hands are taking a beating with hand sanitizer and cleanser, nails are in need of TLC and home care that prolongs the work you've done in the salon.

If you have established a tradition of that 3.7% increase or a $1-2 annual increase, this is most certainly not the year to skip it. Products and PPE are challenging for our distributors to source, the prices have gone up, those things get passed along to us in addition to shipping and other expenses that are on the rise. Many are not going to make it back to the full pre-COVID capacity with new cleaning protocols in place and to avoid closing your doors, an increase in pricing is the lesser evil.

If you haven't raised your prices in a few years, it really is time to re-evaluate that stance if you have a full book.

Practicing what I preach, here are my old and new menus as I transition pricing and services
Practicing what I preach, here are my old and new menus as I transition pricing and services

I'm going to go through it with you this year, if you need some help writing a notice that you can use on social media, in an email, or to post in the salon, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Dear Valued Clients,

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigated this year together! Due to increasing supply costs, it is time for me to adjust my menu accordingly. Please note the changes to your favorite service if you prefer to pre-write a check or bring exact cash as the menu will take effect (insert date). Thank you for making my career such a joy and helping me keep your nails beautiful!

Dear Salon (Your salon name) Patrons,

Please accept our gratitude for your continued loyal service in this unprecedented year of challenges. In order to maintain the quality of education, sanitation, and service you have come to expect, we will be adjusting our service prices to accommodate the increased costs of our products and operations. Thank you for your gracious understanding!

My Beloved Clients,

It is that time of year again for the annual salon cost of living increase menu adjustment. Thank you for your companionship and loyalty throughout the year, I'm looking forward to another year of keeping your nails as amazing as you are!

Hopefully these give you a starting point, if you have more suggestions please leave them in the comments below! Let's all put these changes into effect by the end of October as an industry. Big hug you really can do this, YOUR time has VALUE!!

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