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Client Perspective of the New Salon Normal

Do you find yourself wishing you had a handy little commercial that you could post on your salon page to demonstrate to clients all the extra measures you take now to help them feel safe in your salon? Good news, thanks to Tracy Shelverton, Marian Newman, Sue Davies and others along with some Crowdfunding and the Salon Standard Alliance have put together one for salons and one for mobile professionals. The Alliance is UK/Ireland based yet the commercial and message is universal. It is a great way for clients to visualize the safety standards they can expect at a basic minimum when coming to see you. Customize your message when sharing in the caption letting your clients know what they can look for in your salon, tag the disinfectant you use so that they can research it, put a selfie in your PPE on your story. Now is the time to brag about your universal sanitation practices and being a freak about caring for their health more than your personal comfort!

The salon video shareable link is

The mobile nail professional shareable link is

Share your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to thank the Salon Standard Alliance and friends for putting these together!

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