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Continuing Education Classes

Have you ever worked for something so hard, and so long, that it never seems like you would never accomplish your goal? The time has come that I am finally able to teach private classes in salons in the state of Iowa, and give the attendees credit for continuing education hours. This has felt like an uphill battle for many years and it’s something I am so proud to achieve. Nail classes have always been known to be difficult to find and since Covid, in person classes are even more so.

Having an educator available to come directly to you, that is not focused on any specific brand of product, instead focuses on the science, technique, and skill necessary to ensure your salon success, is a great win for the nail professional‘s of Iowa. I will be continuing my online classes in 2022, in addition to the in person classes, for those that are not in Iowa, or for those that prefer the online platform. Thank you to everyone that has been a part of my journey and made my growth, education, and this experience possible!

To book an in person class, contact me via text, Facebook messenger, Instagram direct message, or phone call. The online class schedule will be available on

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