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Dazzle Dry Removal and Education

It was a pleasant surprise to see how well the Dazzle Dry wore for two weeks with just slapping it on like polish without any of the education. (Click HERE for the first blog) It makes me even more curious to see what the difference is going to be in the wear now that I have followed up and taken some of the education and figured out a few things I needed to adjust in my application.

Dazzle Dry after two weeks of wear, no education before application
Dazzle Dry after two weeks of wear, no education before application

See, not too shabby, that actually looks more like a week of wear if it wasn't for the outgrowth giving it away. Let's start with removal though. One thing a lot of us have grown skeptical about is removal. Everyone says their stuff is easy to remove, then we follow the steps to remove it and all is not always what it was marketed to be. Here is a video so that you can discover it with me and see for yourself.

That was not what I expected to be honest. It was a refreshing and exciting surprise to see it follow through like that. One key point mentioned in the education was a lack of nitrocellulose in the ingredients which is a common culprit of causing yellowing of the nails. Notice the lack of yellowing in my nails even though this type of color would normally have the pigments we would typically expect to slightly yellow the nails.

To keep this blog from being crazy long I'm going to save application for next week. Something important you will want to grab is this next video on medium vs generous application. It is mentioned several times in the Dazzle Dry instructions and really threw me for a loop. Polish has always been something that is applied as thin as possible so that it will dry faster and lay smoother. I'm starting to realize this stuff might need its own category outside of nail polish, you apply it either medium or, get this - generously!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, if you are already a Dazzle Dry user feel free to leave your best practices to help others succeed!

Remember no matter what product you use, or service you offer, your time has value xo

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