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Taking Dazzle Dry for a Test Drive

How many of you know how to polish nails? Did you just smirk at me? I am laughing as I type that! Ideally we all know how to polish nails that’s why we are doing nails as a profession. If you run in the same social media circles that I do you have probably heard of Dazzle Dry nail polish. I see it mentioned at least once a day in groups and it definitely pops up in my Instagram feed frequently. Imagine my surprise when I think it would be interesting to try and I learn that there is education for using it. You should take a short class and watch a training video to use Dazzle Dry NAIL POLISH.

I feel you and then I have to admit as a total nail geek I was like WooHoo a class, must have education. First I needed to do what most every nail professional is going to do and that is think that I am way too busy to take a class on how to use nail polish, right? You know that I was too much of a nail geek to not at least read the directions though lol and it is a good thing I did because the process is not the same as other polishes that most of us are used to using.

For using it without taking the proper education this stuff is holding up really well as a regular nail polish. I’m very curious to see the difference that education will make. After wearing it for a week, I watch the tutorial video and go through the phone call course to use the Dazzle Dry polish correctly. In the process of the call, I discover some troubleshooting for why I have had a couple of the issues with the wear on my nails in addition to calling out a couple of things in the tutorial video.

In the video, the nails are shown to soak in a bowl. This is an outdated method for softening cuticle that causes the nail plate to expand which would normally cause polish to chip or peel off. It is not necessary to do, is optional to the process if you are in a spa where it is required by client demand because you service the “Madge” generation of clients, and when asking about it I got an interesting bit of info. The Dazzle Dry base coat is formulated with flexible rubber polymers allowing it to flex with the nail as it expands and contracts. This means if you did soak in the bowl the shrinking nail when it dried back out, would not affect the wear. It also means a swimmer, water aerobics doer, ocean lover, vacationer, and more would not be affected by the shape changes of the nail from water expansion and shrinkage.

The video also shows buffing on the nail surface as part of a manicure. For a natural nail manicure, light buffing is usually done to remove any cuticle not caught by the pusher or curette. This is also an optional step, if you start to notice thinning of the nail or white spots, visit your buffing, this is a common cause of damage aka thinning of the nail and white spots. Great cuticle product or tools make all the difference in elimination of buffing!

As to troubleshooting my nails, I discovered that although Dazzle Dry is not complicated (it’s nail polish), it does have complexities that are best explained so that you get the results they are offering. I didn’t get the color I expected due to applying the layers too thin. The wearing at the ends is likely from not sealing with every single layer as I am used to only sealing with the base coat, the first layer of color and the top coat, plus my application was too thin. Then the depth of the glitter is likely not as shiny because there’s a trick that they give in class of using two layers of top coat for the fuller glitter colors.

The class also talks about using medium consistency and generous layers, the video mentioned it as well. I asked for clarification on this as polish and gel polish always teach “thin to win”. That calls for a video! The science and education behind Dazzle Dry have really impressed me. I want to give my non educated application one more week of wear to see how it does, then have a go at it fully educated to compare the difference education can make. With all of the troubleshooting going off in my mind as I went through the education, there’s no doubt that the wear will differ.

Keep an eye out on the blog for more Dazzle Dry, I will hit you up with some videos on application information, including the difference between medium consistency and generous application. There will also be additional information and photos of the performance and wear as well as the science. Let me know in the comments below your thoughts and questions.

If you’re not already following the blog, be sure to sign up! Take care out there and remember your time has value xo holly

Dazzle Dry 411

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Jul 29, 2023

Helpful video to Dazzle Dry newcomer, but what do you do if you do get the product on your skin and it dries.


Allison Stout
Allison Stout
Jul 25, 2020

Hey Holly!

I started using Dazzle Dry this year. Its definitely a learning curve. We are experts in nail polish but this one is NOT the same. It's hard to not be in auto-pilot after traditional polishing vs gel polishing vs Dazzle Dry. As you know, going into gel polish was a learning process altogether. Now that we've learned a better process, we have to learn that one also. But, in knowing better, you do better, right?

Thanks so much for writing this because I'm with good company. After the decades of being a beauty professional, there's always something new to learn. And, this has been worth it all.


Yay! 💕💕 Thank you for posting. I think you are gonna like this polish. I go back and forth with gels but my toes always wear Dazzle Dry now! As any other polish will damage my toe nails. That base coat is the bomb!

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