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Getting Men into the Nail Chair

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Putting the Man in Man-icure is not always as simple as posting the option on your menu. There are a few ways to make sure you are catering to them in the service and for home care advice that help you stand apart for the manly crowd, starting with the service name. While some men can own getting a manicure, others will be more drawn to names like grooming, maintenance, service, or other similar monikers.

If your appointment book is showing some open spots because your usual clients are afraid to be out and about due to COVID, middle aged men are actually one of the categories least concerned about COVID. If you've ever considered trying to attract them for nail services, now is the time!

Then you have the service itself. Do you offer lotions that don't smell like a bouquet of flowers? Some men might be ok with it, others are going to be highly uncomfortable and will not return. Gender neutral scents are ideal so that everyone feels good about the scent on their hands or feet when they leave. You can choose to let clients pick from different options or you can offer one neutral choice to everyone.

Home care is an essential part of all services no matter what gender you are. No one like hangnails or peeling skin, it all hurts and looks unseemly. Every time you grab keys out of your pocket or yank a hangnail with your teeth, the pain really isn't worth it. Establishing a simple routine they are comfortable with is the key to success. What fits into the schedule, what is most likely to be remembered, what isn't considered too much hassle or too girly to do?

It is important that you give the client realistic expectations. While we can make a difference with a manicure or hand and nail service, we can not perform an instant miracle. The miracle work comes with home care. Let's check back in on this client after a few days, a week and a couple weeks of home care to see the difference that it can make!

If you could use some tips for doing a men's hand and nail maintenance with some ideas on talking to them thrown in, here is a tutorial created just for you with real life man hands that have never before been professionally manicured. Let me know in the comments what helped and what else you would like to know.

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