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How to do Mosaic Rockstar Toes

Mosaic Rockstar Toes are one of my signature services in the salon. It's just a fun way to use some of the larger holographic pieces that you have, that would normally need to be embedded in an enhancement. By stepping your glitter down in size you surround the pieces to protect them, while creating a whimsical mosaic like effect on the toes that is dazzling when hit by the sun. Charge $10-15 more for this service than your full coverage, one color glitter, as it will take extra time to apply the three different glitters and clean up after each size.

  • Apply one to two layers of gel polish, a dark color is most ideal, if you want to use a dark complimenting color, that works well. If you are going with a multicolored design, black makes a great background color.

  • Cure the gel polish.

  • If your gel polish is sticky, use a brush to place the larger holographic pieces into the top film of the cured gel polish. If your gel polish does not have a top film or sticky layer when cured, use a product like Stick It, apply and cure, then follow the steps for glitter application.

  • Press the larger pieces down with the brush to ensure they are stuck in place then brush around the margins of the nail to remove any that would stick out and cause a break in the top coat seal.

  • Take the middle or medium size glitter and use the brush to press it onto the nail right over the larger pieces. Once it is pressed onto all of the nails, gently brush away any excess, making sure to clean up all of the margins and the free edge to allow for a good top coat seal.

  • Finish with the microglitter by pressing it onto the nail, then gently brushing off any excess and dusting any glitter out of the folds along the margins. Make sure the top coat will be able to achieve a good seal that is not broken by glitter.

  • When you are satisfied with the clean up, apply top coat to the toes and cure. If you have a client that does not care for texture on their toes, a second layer of top coat will give a smoother finish if you are using a thin viscosity top coat.

If you are curious about the glitters used here, the butterflies are part of a holographic set from Profiles Backstage, the medium green and microglitter green are both from Lecente (they do have distributors in the US, just look on the distributor page).

If you do better with a video over photo step by step, here is a past YouTube tutorial of the Mosaic Rockstar technique. Hope you have fun with this style and enjoy your toe clients this season!

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