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LEU Student Kit Arrival

The student kit for my Light Elegance University experience has arrived and to celebrate I did a pop up live unboxing to give a peek into the contents as it's always more fun to open nail mail with friends. You can currently find the replay of the unboxing on the FingerNailFixer Facebook page if you're curious. Time to really buckle down and get serious in the 201 segment of the Bachelor program where turning in examples of your work to be scored becomes necessary.

After the fun of unboxing new and exciting things comes the humiliation of trying to apply tips to the nail trainer hand. If you've every tried applying tips to something with no body heat you know what a challenge it can be. Throw in a toasty warm room and it made for some entertainment for sure. It's been a while since I used tips so taking what I know and troubleshooting as we went along it was at least worth it for the sake of education. I will most certainly be doing more practicing before I submit a hand of nails for grading.

Would you be interested in another pop up live with the tips I learn from practicing on the trainer hand?

Gotta admit it is fun to be a student again even with the embarrassing parts when you have some knowledge to help you troubleshoot what's going on and think through the why and how to gain something from each nail you do rather than just blindly doing bad nails and getting more and more frustrated.

If you are up for a little entertainment at my expense and open minded about learning anyway, here is the pop up live with the tips.

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