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Nail Student, Competitor, Unicorn, Distributor

You went to school to learn how to do nails and someone talks you into going to a beauty show; for some that might have meant a few folding tables and a small smattering of products. For RussAnna Dudley it meant Premiere Orlando! Can you imagine the biggest tradeshow in the US being your first beauty show? (or was it?) That show was merely the beginning of her amazing journey, where this nail professional found her tribe and set out on a path that brings her to the 2021 Premiere Orlando as a distributor running a booth for one of the most successful nail art companies in the world, Wildflowers Nail Academy.

Join me in this live interview, you'll get the bonus of a nail tutorial, as RussAnna walks you through her first impression of the tradeshow, how she got into competing, and what her journey has been like. This career is so much more than just polish nails all day, just ask this unicorn!

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