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Natural Nail Anatomy

Have you laid your eyes on the most current revision of the natural nail anatomy drawing from scientist Doug Schoon? He consults with doctors from around the world that specialize in the nail to continue to perfect the terminology and the anatomy so that medical professionals and nail professionals alike can all be on the same page.

Doug Schoon's 3rd Revision of the Anatomy of the Human Nail

Recently I joined Doug and another amazing industry Chemist Thong Vu on "The Chemists" a Facebook Live program where we discussed the natural nail and it's anatomy. If you are interested in learning more about it to see if what you know is current information, check out the show. Also be sure to bookmark it as they will be delving further into more nail information in future episodes!

If you enjoy this and would like more in depth info from Doug that includes anatomy and chemistry, he does have books available in print and e-book format, click here for more info.

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