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The Journey of a Shedding Toenail

A shedding toenail is a more common occurrence than most people realize. Sometimes it can be activity related, many avid runners, dancers, and gymnasts may regularly shed their great toenail or as it is more commonly referred to, the nail on the big toe. Another reason toenails might shed is trauma, you dropped something on them or you stubbed it on the furniture. Did you know that there were also many common health reasons that the toenails might shed which could be normal?

As a diabetic with eczema, my skin can get pretty flaky at times. Feet are a particular issue for diabetics (if you do pedicures and you don't know this, it's time for more classes). Imagine my surprise, horror, dismay and then reluctant acceptance when the toenail on my right great toe decided to shed for the first time. As a woman that loves having nicely pedicured and decorated toes this was frustrating. As a nail geek this was an exciting opportunity to journal the toenail's journey in photographs for all of you lol

Stop looking now if you don't want to see, the pictures are not particularly gross, it just shows some exposed nail bed at times if you are squeamish. Hopefully the photos give you an idea what you are looking at should you see something like this in the future that appears clean, normal, and healthy other than the toenail is simply growing off. Thankfully a new toenail has decided to grow in eventually, this is usually the case for most people, although not a guarantee.

Realize you need some foot focused education? Here are a few resources to get you started:

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1 Comment

Dec 06, 2022

Loved this visual journey! Thank you for posting.

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