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Toenail Reconstruction

Toenail reconstruction is something many of us have finagled on our own in some way for many years. Using a variety of products to achieve varying results. LCN Barefoot changed the game by offering a flexible gel that was created to withstand the movement of shoes against the toenail in addition to the product coming into contact with the skin.

I have watched it on social media for years with curiosity, waiting to see how clients did and what my peers thought of the results over time. The opportunity to take the class finally arose last year when it was scheduled to occur in Omaha, NE.

Unfortunately not enough professionals registered for the class so it had to be canceled. Luckily it became an online class. The host, Centre for Beauty also generously offered to let online attendees bring their product to an in person class and learn again.

Knowing there are some things you catch in person that can be missed online, I re-took the class when it was offered in Minnesota and the class was full and not in danger of being cancelled. The refresher brought into focus a few things I overlooked in my previous notes and seeing demos in person helped me better understand what I was looking for in thickness and structure.

Toenail reconstruction has the ability to be a life changing service for clients either in a cosmetic, confidence way or in a shoe fit and pain reduction way. Have you taken the Barefoot Toenail Reconstruction course? What do you think of the service?

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