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Yearly Check Up

It’s about that time of year that I touch base with you to see how you are doing as far as keeping healthy. A friendly reminder to stay on top of keeping yourself hydrated, with plenty of water or some thing ideally water based, as your schedule is going to be picking up soon (if it hasn't already) and you will need it. Also a reminder in the form of - it’s a good idea to have some thing to eat throughout the day, to keep your blood sugar and protein stable when you’re working long holiday hours.

A great tip someone recently gave me was to try and add some activity to your day in small increments and increase them, instead of trying to add in a full half hour workout like a pro right from the beginning. This made a lot more sense to me and seemed a lot less overwhelming for those of us that had maybe slacked off or gotten too busy to still include some movement in our busy schedule. A lot of what we do is pretty sedentary even though our hands and arms are constantly in motion the rest of us really is not.

Whether you go for a quick two minute walk, march in place, or follow along to a dance video, just try to add two minutes to your day for a few days, then add a minute every as trying to find somewhere to stick a full half hour workout right from the get go! Taking care of yourself this holiday season will better allow you to stay healthy and take care of your clients all the way through, without that lovely exhaustion from dehydration, and lack of energy due to not eating enough or getting any activity. Here’s to a happy prosperous holiday nail season for us all XO

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