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Check in on Dazzle Dry

It has been a couple months now since I left you with my final thoughts on Dazzle Dry. I have continued to use in and wanted to share an interesting find that took time to discover. One of the things mentioned in the education in that Dazzle Dry does not stain the nails due to it not having nitrocellulose in the ingredients. This is something most nail polishes have that leave that slight yellow tinge on all nails that we have just come to associate with wearing polish.

After wearing it for these past few months I have noticed that my nails are growing out that slight yellow tinge that I had come to think was their natural color lol

It is pretty crazy to see the distinct difference in color on my nails from the new growth on the back half to the front half. I can't say that I mind it. I am curious to see what my free edge will look like without the yellowish stain that I have always dismissed as my natural color since I've worn nail polish for as long as I can remember!

The testing has expanded and I find that it doesn't wear the full two weeks on some people that are harder on their nails and don't do any home care, or cosmetologists that don't wear gloves plus don't do home care. Those type of clients would need to stay in gel polish. This is for that manicure client that treats their nails like the jewels they are, isn't afraid to put gloves on to protect their nails, and realizes home care is a way of life, not a dirty word! That client will see the two week wear and love this polish and what it does for their nails and toes. I've actually decided to order more colors and offer it on toes in the salon for the clients that aren't ready to commit to gel polish on the toes.

Let me know your thoughts if you have tried it and how things are going for you!

Remember, YOUR time has VALUE <3

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Other than it not being shiny like shellac I absolutely love it. I will disagree on home care. I love it on people who won’t do their home care because it chips vs peels and people tend to leave it alone vs peel it off like gel polishes. I am wearing it exclusively because it’s just easier to manage since I do my nails so much. I miss the shine of shellac but I think dazzle dry is a fantastic option. I don’t see it as a step down. I see it as filling a need that gel polishes aren’t. At the end of the day I like CND Shellac best, I use 3 different gel polishes. But I’m almos…

Me gusta
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