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Do Men Need Home Care?

We stress it to our clients constantly, use your oil, please use your oil, hey use your oil. Women are most likely aware they should be doing some sort of regimen at home for their hands and nails. How about men? When we discussed men's hand and nail services in last week's blog, we touched on the importance of home care. Next is getting the guys to see it.

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is a well known phrase for a reason. Take before and after photos. If you get someone to do actual home care take multiple after photos. Post them on your social media, have them available to view in the salon. Seeing is believing for a guy just as much as a gal.

This gentleman had some serious issues with peeling skin, hangnails, and cuticle. A home care regimen of a bi-weekly scrub, nightly oil and lotion, and diligent care to apply lotion and oil a couple times during the day after hand washing really made a noticeable difference in just two weeks. Even he was surprised to see the difference in the photos, it's easy for all of us to forget just how bad things were without a comparison.

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