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My Opinion of Dazzle Dry

My educated application of Dazzle Dry has finally run its two week course and what is the final consensus? There really is a need for education when it comes to this product. The training makes a difference in the application and the durability of the wear. Try not to let being too busy, too lazy, or too arrogant stand in the way of taking a class on nail polish! It does seem crazy. If you consider that there really should be a category between nail polish and gel polish for what Dazzle Dry is, thanks to the chemistry of its base coat - that should help you feel a little better about it.

Marketing buzz words like its non-toxic, its vegan, made it a turn off for me initially. Living on a farm in rural Iowa, I’m pretty sensitive to the marketing spin a lot of companies use to make themselves more appealing such as non-GMO, organic, vegan, etc. (Gotta love non-GMO, organic backpacks for back to school right? – if you actually know what GMO means you know why I’m exasperated).

Since Dazzle Dry is founded in Arizona, using words like non-toxic and vegan are basically part of the culture. They don’t mean for them to be offensive, they are using them to be informative in their own way. Vegan is the word they chose to use to say they don’t test their products on animals or use animal byproducts in the formulas. Non-toxic is how they address saying 3-free, 5-free, 7-free, 9-free, without having to change the number as fear mongering groups prey on a new ingredient. It is all covered under the shiny, consumer friendly umbrella of “non-toxic”. While it may not be my personal favorite word, it is the way of the world and as businesses ourselves, we do have to understand that other businesses do have to make money and market themselves accordingly.

Verbiage rant aside, the product performance exceeded my expectations. Comparing the wear using the same prop so there is no optical illusion, there is a difference in performance when the product is applied correctly and in accordance to the instructions with the nuances learned through education.

Comparison of nails worn two weeks, polished before and after Dazzle Dry education.
Comparison of nails worn two weeks, polished before and after Dazzle Dry education.

Overall I do find the claim of a two week wear to be true if the client has healthy natural nails and takes reasonable home care measures such as wearing gloves when cleaning or using cleaning wipes. I will expand my testing to include other types of nails and conditions and revisit this again in the future. Hopefully this gives you a pretty thorough look at my thoughts on Dazzle Dry for now, I would love to hear your perspective and questions in the comments below!

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